Hello everyone,


I apologise for not writing to all of you sooner.


On behalf of Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust, the Trustees, and my colleagues from the programme and team, our greatest thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions, time, and effort beyond the call of duty.


Honestly, what a gem of a ward you have all created.


I look forward to my return visits there to see what’s happening and to witness some of the children who are benefitting from High Care facilities at Sebokeng Hospital.


I am not sure whether you realise just how rare paediatric facilities like these are in peri -urban regions – particularly in the public hospital sector.


For every child that is admitted through the doors of the new Infant High Care Ward at Sebokeng Hospital, you have each played an integral role in contributing to its welfare.


Thank you, and I will be in touch further once Carte Blanche has completed producing a insert on this project.


Till then, please see the attached photograph, courtesy of M-Net Publicity.


Best wishes,





Karolina Andropoulos
Patron: "Making a Difference" trust
[t] +27 11 886 8899
[c] +27 73 691 2103
[f] +27 86 580 7884 







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